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  Topmold was established in the year of 2010. It’s a national high-tech enterprise. Our main business are in two areas, one is mold building, another is plastic injection molding. We are always focus on the development and manufacture of high precision and middle-large size molds, and injection molding. We can design and build various molds, not only plastic injection mold, also including Die-casting mold, SMC/BMC thermoset mold and Low-pressure-forming mold, and mold parts machining. Our product covers automobile/airplane/electronic product/medical device/industrial product/home appliance and furniture. We can support our customer in all process of new product development, such as design/prototype/tooling/testing/mass production. 

  We have well-equiped and accurate facilities, including CNC machine, EDM and Wire-cutting machine and advanced injection machine. Our capacity can meet design and building around 40 sets mold each month. Our molds more than 90% are exported to Japan/Europe/North America. There are 11 injection machine ranging from 60T to 380T in our workshop, and around 50% injection parts are for export. 

  We have excellent core management team and rich expierence techical team and perfect quality control system, all these assure customers that our products are high quality. We have a complete trainning procedure, everyone have chance to be from a new graduated student becoming a seinor technician or an engineer even a manager. Our engineering team can satisfy customers from DFM>>Moldflow>>Design>>Manufacture, each step are exactly according to customer’s requirement. Different customer have different mold standard, such as MISUMI/DME/HASCO/MEUSBURGER, all standards are very familiar and easy converted by us. Our project engineers all are well trained direct from toolmaker,they have many years building tool expeirence so they know every step very well. They can handle and deal quality issue and flow up the process, communicate with customers timely and fluently. Therefore it strongly suppots us to realize each step Design>>Prototyping>>Tooling>>Molding>>Pilot run>>Mass production successfully and smoothly.